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How to Use Organic Body Oil The Right Way

Did you know that wrinkles start forming as early as the age of 25? After the age of 25, skin starts to become thinner and dryer and, as a result, your skin will start to look unhealthy and old. Of course, no one wants this to happen to them and organic body oil might be the perfect solution. 

You can buy body oil just about anywhere, but you'll only see great results if you buy the best body oil for your skin. You'll also have to learn how to use body oil in the right fashion. Otherwise, you might end up wasting the body oil without reaping any of the benefits. 

Keep reading and learn how you can incorporate organic body oil into your everyday skincare routine. 

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What Makes Organic Body Oil Special?

You might be wondering if there is any particular difference between body oil and body lotion. After all, they both function to moisturize your skin and keep your skin soft and supple. So, is there really any significant difference between them?

As it turns out, the big difference between them has to do with the presence of water. Body oil, obviously, is an oil and it doesn't contain any water at all. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but because it has no water, you will need to use it in a particular way to reap its benefits. 

Body lotion, on the other hand, does have water in it, but it may also have things that are not so beneficial for your skin. For example, most body lotions have preservatives in them. While preservatives are often essential to ensuring that lotions last long enough to use, some of them can be harmful to human health. 

Body Oils and Body Lotions

It is virtually impossible to make body lotions without preservatives because of the very fact that they contain water. As long as the water is present in a body lotion, bacteria and mold will be able to grow. On the other hand, there are no preservatives in body oil because there is no water for mold to grow in. 

If you're determined to avoid preservatives, body oil would be the ideal moisturizer for you. You are also getting many more skin benefits per weight when buying body oil in contrast to body lotion. That's because many lotions are mostly made of water and contain a very low percentage of beneficial ingredients. 

On the other hand, body oil is pure oil and there are no fillers to worry about. The only downside of body oil is that, because it doesn't contain water, you cant use it as freely as lotion. Instead, you will have to use it in a few particular ways for your skin to enjoy its benefits.

body oil vs. body lotion

How to Use Organic Body Oil the Right Way

Because body oil doesn't have any water in it, you will need to add water on your own. The best way to do this is to apply the oil to your body right after getting out of the shower or bath. You will want to dry your body but not completely. 

Your skin should still be slightly moist when you put the body oil on. That way, the oil will seal the water against your skin and it will help keep your skin hydrated all day. You could also skip the drying process altogether if you really want, but this can be messy and you may end up soaking your clothes with water and oil when you put them on. 

If you have very dry or sensitive skin, you can actually put body oil on before going into the shower. The oil will protect your skin from the harshness of the water and will prevent your skin from drying out even more.

The shower water alone will have a hard time stripping away the oil but if you use soap, the oil will eventually wash away, but there's nothing stopping you from reapplying the oil once you get out of the shower.

One thing that you should keep in mind is to always be conscious of how much body oil you're using. You could easily end up using too much or too little body oil and both outcomes can be equally frustrating. If you use too much oil, you'll find that you'll leave a trail of slippery oil wherever you go. 

On the other hand, if you don't use enough oil, your skin will feel just a tad too dry. 

Tips for Using Body Oil

If you're not using your body oil, be sure to store the container in a cool, dark area. This is important because exposure to direct sunlight can actually end up damaging the oil and making it less effective.

To make sure that your body gets a nice, even coating of oil, try adding a few drops to your next bath. The oil will ensure that the hot water doesn't damage your skin and it will keep you very moisturized. To really get your skin to absorb the oil, try massaging it into your body. 

Massaging your calves, thighs, and shoulders with body oil not only moisturizes your body but can help your body relax as well. If you have acne-prone skin, don't use body oil on your face.

Everything You Need to Know about Organic Body Oil

Organic body oil is essential if you want to have smooth, hydrated, and youthful skin. Body oil doesn't have any preservatives in it and it can do wonders when it comes to protecting your skin. 

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