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8 benefits of organic body oil for a natural skin glow in the summer

What is organic body oil?

Before listing the 8 main benefits, let's see together what an organic oil is. In general, an organic product is a product made up of organic substances and therefore contains ingredients of vegetable or animal origin. So, a product is considered organic when it is obtained through the sole use of natural substances. In the case of oils, it is 100% natural product whose main purpose is to make the skin soft and luminous. A body oil is a real treat for the skin: it not only provides hydration and nourishment, but it is perfect for indulging in a pampering through a relaxing massage. The body oil should be applied after a shower, preferably on the skin that is still damp. It is possible to use pure oils, such as jojoba, Argan or almond oil, but there are also different blends of oils with the addition of vegetable extracts of fruit or flowers. Especially are really working organic oil such passionfruit seed oil, rosa canina seed oil, macadamia seed oil, rice bran seed oil, hemp seed oil, Calendula extract and tamanu seed oil.

 organic body oil

8 benefits of organic body oil

Let's see together what are the 8 benefits of organic oil that prepare our skin for the summer, making it smooth, soft but, above all, with a luminous appearance. The glowing, in fact, is not just a fashion, but a way to express our skin in the best possible way.

1.   An organic oil is the best solution to make the skin supple

An organic oil is also rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are useful and easily metabolized by the human body. For this reason, it is in fact defined as "compatible sebum" and its unsaponifiable can optimally nourish the dermis by stimulating the production of new collagen, restoring the right hydrolipidic balance and safeguarding the elasticity and softness essential to the radiance and brightness of the skin. Elastic skin is healthy skin that shows as few imperfections as possible. Therefore, an organic body oil is the best for sensitive skin: its natural ingredients make this product suitable even for delicate skins, while maintaining its effectiveness in improving the appearance of the skin, making it uniform and elastic.

2.   Prevents stretch marks

Organic oil is great for preventing (but also countering) the hateful appearance of stretch marks. In fact, stretch marks can be the enemy of the glowing aspect that we are looking for so much. So, organic oil is for a more beautiful skin: this kind of body oil not only protects your skin, thanks to its moisturizing function, but also improves skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks.

3.    Anti-aging effect

Thanks to its antioxidant action, an organic oil prevents cell and skin aging, counteracts the harmful effects of free radicals and the rarefaction of Elastin and Collagen, responsible for the progressive state of atonicity and dryness of the skin. It therefore has a strong anti-aging action that allows us to prevent and counter the effects of time on our skin.

Hebe Botanica body oil

4.   It is multifunctional

When we ask ourselves if organic oil can be a solution to a multitude of skin problems, the answer is yes. The answer lies not only in scientific evidence, but also in the good use of the oil for the body. It is in fact one of the longest-lived traditional cosmetics: for centuries indicated precisely to moisturize and protect the skin but also to nourish it and promote its physiological structure, functionality, and beauty. Body oil seems to have only one flaw: it is greasy. The conditional is desired because the greasiness is absorbed, learning to apply the oil in the right way.

The oil makes it possible to obtain multifunctional formulations as well. It represents an ideal vehicle for Vitamin E, a lipophilic nutrient essential to revitalize and nourish the skin and to protect it from aging. In addition to vitamin E, oil is the ideal vehicle for other lipids, both those naturally present in the hydrolipidic film and others present in nature. We are referring, for example, to the omega-6 found in linseed, evening-primrose or borage oil, substances that have also been shown to be useful for external use in supporting the skin and its beauty. Body oil is also the ideal vehicle for vegetable essential oils that perform different actions on the skin, such as calendula, lavender, rosemary, or chamomile oil which are easily dispersed in it.

5.   It has a greater moisturizing capacity.

Organic body oil is to be considered the moisturizing cosmetic par excellence due to its "oily" nature. It deeply nourishes the skin and, a nourished skin, certainly looks much more glowing.

Body oil, and the organic one in particular way, is a cosmetic with a high affinity for the skin and it nourishes it and promotes normal hydration. So, better hydration for a better glowing skin! But not only this: dehydrated skin is more sensitive to external agents such as cold and UVA rays and more prone to aging rapidly. The substances then present in these organic products can "dissolve" in the oil and reach the most superficial areas of our skin, nourishing it thoroughly.

6.   Protect our skin

Body oil is an ideal moisturizer because it not only promotes the rebalancing of the hydrolipidic film of the skin surface, but also because it itself creates a protective barrier that prevents the evaporation of surface water. The oil therefore by its nature nourishes and protects the skin.

7.   Really easy to use

Although often greasy, the oil remains very easy to use, especially with a little trick. you simply need to spread the oil on the damp or still wet body, or after a shower do not dry yourself completely. The oil, in fact, with the water creates an A / O emulsion, a kind of instant cream that is quickly absorbed.

8.   And finally, the best solution for “glowing”

If you are looking for the ideal solution for a glowing skin in view of the summer and tan, well, you have the answer in front of you with all the benefits mentioned above. The organic oil with its emollient, moisturizing, anti-imperfection, and anti-aging properties, will surely bring your skin to shine with a brightness never seen before. The glowing effect is what we are all looking for, the one that makes us feel more beautiful, brighter, and more confident about ourselves.

A dress with nice glowing legs is more impressive than dull, dull skin. Therefore, the ideal solution would be to buy an organic oil like the two that we will indicate below. Your skin will thank you and ... it will glow for the summertime!


2 Great solution for a glowing body

Here your 2 perfect right solution, especially if you want to enjoy all the above benefits and therefore want to have glowing skin for the summer. These products are from Hebe Botanica, a leader brand that harness the power of nature and use in-depth research to provide you with “only the best skincare products made from the safest ingredients”.

Restorative Omega Body Oil

This oil is the greatest solution if you are looking for a glowing moisture, With the fatty acid-enriched body oil, you will have such amazing benefits like:

  • a healthy skin barrier
  • a fade stretches marks, discoloration, and the appearance of scars.
  • a weightless, non-greasy formula that sinks into your skin without leaving residue.
  • An anti-aging benefits of Passionfruit Seed Oil and Macadamia Seed Oil.
  • A better glowing skin.

It contains natural Vitamin A sourced from Rosehip Seed Oil. Packed with Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9, the highly concentrated formula makes every skin type glow. Therefore, this oil is really easy to use, you only should generously massage into dry or damp skin. For best results, you should apply right after shower.

 body exfoliating scrub

Clarifying Body Scrub

Another amazing choice, if you want a better glowing skin is the Clarifying Body Scrub from Hebe Botanica. This scrub will allow you to achieve a soft, smooth, and glowing skin. It has a gentle butter and oil blended scrub composition. Specifically, it's about a balanced formula of AHA glycolic acid and Demerara brown sugar. This formula is full of rejuvenating minerals crafted to make your skin feel renewed and luxuriously nourished.

In addition to this you will have benefits such as:

  • Four delicious scents for every occasion: Patchouli Amber Spice, Nordic Sea, French Riviera, and Autumn Fest.
  • An organic 100% vegan, cruelty-free and clean formulation with sustainable packaging that makes reusing and recycling easy for you and the planet.
  • A glowing skin for summertime and a well-prepared skin for tan.

It is really simple in using, it will be enough to scoop a handful and massage scrub over your entire body. Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse. Follow with Gentle Cream Cleanser to complete your shower experience. It should be use 2-3 times per week for best glowing and smooth skin results.

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