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Vegan Skincare is Becoming the New Norm and Brands Like Hebe Botanica are Leading the Way

When it comes to beauty trends of 2022, skincare became the viral obsession. After the major focus on makeup products during the last few years, we are finally shifting towards taking proper care of our skin. When skin is nourished, hydrated, and plump, minimal makeup is enough. 

 organic body oil 


The Rise of Vegan Skincare Products

This year vegan skincare products are on the rise. Vegan beauty is quickly becoming the norm, with even the people who don't necessarily eat a vegan diet choosing vegan skincare products. 

As we have all been witnesses to some cruel and unethical practices of some major companies in the beauty industry, it is no wonder many consumers are now turning to brands they believe in. Every year more people are carefully looking into brands they are shopping for, realizing that they get to vote with their wallets. This is inspiring a welcoming change in the beauty industry. Therefore, the focus is now more than ever on the ingredients and the vision behind the brand. Thus it is no wonder that vegan skincare products are getting more recognition than ever. Vegan beauty brands are committed to sustainable production and cruelty-free practices. Also, they are devoted to putting the health of their customers first place. All these values are attracting more customers, and vegan brands are getting the recognition they deserve. 

Botanical Products will Help You Connect with Nature

Throughout centuries our ancestors used various plants as remedies and skincare solutions. Although technology brought us many advances, plant-based active ingredients are something we should use more of in our day-to-day lives. Botanical skin care is all about using plant-based ingredients instead of synthetic compounds. Plants have various benefits for the skin. From anti-aging properties to deep hydration and nourishment. According to the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology botanical ingredients have been proven to have anti-aging properties in controlled trials. Modern science allows us to get the most out of plants, by using the purest forms, extracts, and oils. Additionally, plant extracts are rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from the premature aging caused by sun rays and free radicals in the air. The combination of plants as active ingredients with the science that makes them safe and stable makes botanical skincare the perfect choice. 

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New Technology is Introducing Plant-Based Alternatives as Stellar Ingredients

Even though it has sometimes been challenging to find alternatives to animal-derived ingredients, new discoveries are shining the light on plant-based alternatives. Nowadays we don't have to choose between vegan and effective products. Thanks to the highly effective plant-based active ingredients vegan botanical skincare ticks all the boxes. Furthermore, brands committed to cruelty-free practices are funding new research constantly, ensuring that we will have even more plant-based options in the future. Rather than a current trend, vegan skincare is a movement that is going to revolutionize the skincare industry as we know it. 

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Retinol

As skincare has been all the rage recently, it is no wonder that we have gotten to see various ingredients going viral. Retinol is one of them. This powerful active ingredient has been proven to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and increasing the production of collagen. Therefore, leaving the skin looking firm, plump, and radiant. However, although this ingredient has been praised all over social media, it isn't without flaws. It can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and dry patches. This is why it is advised to start with lower concentrations of retinol, moving on to higher dosages as the skin gets used to the product. Additionally, retinol is animal-derived more times than not, making it not vegan-friendly. 

Phytoretinol as a Better Version of Retinol

Thankfully, there is a substitution for retinol, and it is phytoretinol. Phytoretinol represents botanical plant-based versions of retinol. It has proven to deliver the same benefits as retinol, helping the skin look regenerated. Instead of being derived from Vitamin A, phytoretinol is derived from various plants. It improves the skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping the skin look luminous. Phytoretinol also works wonders for mature skin, preventing new wrinkles from forming. According to the British Association of Dermatologists Phytoretinol is comparable to retinol when it comes to its performance and is better tolerated than retinol. Just like many other plant-based ingredients, phytoretinol has anti-inflammatory properties and doesn't clog the pores of the skin.  

Hebe Botanica

Hebe Botanica is a brand with a vision to create environmentally conscious skincare products. Their products are formulated to transform the skin while keeping the health of the planet in mind. The plants used for the products are all ethically sourced and of the best quality. Using a scientific approach, skincare products are concentrated and effective, helping the skin to look its best. Each ingredient is carefully researched and tested before being added to the formulation. Hebe Botanica products allow you to treat your skin and enjoy your self-care routine, while you reduce your carbon footprint.  

skincare routine stepClarifying Body Scrub with Calendula Extract 


Hebe Botanica Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula Extract

Adding peeling to your skincare routine is an essential part of allowing your skin cells to regenerate. Hebe Botanica Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula Extract is a combination of butter and oil combined into one. This vegan and the cruelty-free product is designed to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a glow from within. The best exfoliation is achieved when chemicals and physical exfoliants are combined. This is exactly what this Clarifying Body Scrub offers. With AHA glycolic acid and Demerara brown sugar, this scrub will leave your skin feeling softer than ever before. These ingredients will exfoliate your skin, removing any dead skin cells. On the other hand, Calendula extract is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it the perfect ingredient for a body scrub. Calendula soothes the skin, reducing any redness or puffiness. The product also comes in sustainable packaging that is easy to recycle and reuse.  

Hebe Botanica is its Restorative Omega Body Oil

Another stellar product by Hebe Botanica is its Restorative Omega Body Oil. This special oil is designed to fade stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and the appearance of scars on the skin. It is formulated with phytoretinol derived from the Rosehip Seed oil. This concentrated active ingredient makes the oil highly effective and easy to use. Feeling sticky after applying a body product can ruin the experience. Especially when we are in a rush. However, Hebe Botanica understands the importance of the self-care beauty routine, which is why the oil is formulated to feel weightless. It sinks into the skin quickly leaving it soft and nourished without any residue. Additionally, the formulation is enhanced with Passionfruit Seed Oil and Macadamia Seed Oil which reduce the signs of aging on the skin. As our skin absorbs the products the best when it is moist, applying the Restorative Omega Body Oil on damp skin will yield the best results. Make the oil a part of your night routine and apply it after every shower. Soon you will see the benefits on your skin. 



Choosing what we put on our skin is essential. Therefore, looking for brands that have a vision that supports your own views can help you feel confident in the products you are using. Hebe Botanica is committed to creating skincare products that transform the skin with vegan plant-based ingredients. Coming back to our roots and using the power of nature to nourish and treat ourselves is more than welcome in a world where we are forced to come in contact with chemicals on a daily basis. Vegan and botanical skincare is allowing us to choose products that are not only good for our health but are also very effective and make our skin and our bodies happy. 




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