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The best plant-based skincare products for Keratosis Pilaris

A Keratosis Pilaris skin could be problematic because of aesthetic implications. But there are many solutions for this kind of skin treatment: the best is some plant-based and vegan products. In fact, it has been shown that this type of product can prove to be beneficial when it comes to improving Keratosis Pilaris. Vegan products also improve the quality of the skin in general! Let's see together what these products are.

 keratosis pilaris aka strawberry skin

What is Keratosis Pilaris skin?

Before analyzing the best plant-based products for Keratosis Pilaris treatment, we consider it right to make you understand the general problems related to Keratosis Pilaris skin. What is this kind of skin condition? When we deal with Keratosis Pilaris we are referring to a common, harmless skin condition of excessive dead skin cells. This kind of skin may cause some troubles such as dry, rough patches and tiny bumps, often on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks.

What are the main symptoms of this disease?

Keratosis Pilaris, which can appear at any age, but it's more common in youth age has these signs and symptoms:

  • The presence of painless tiny bumps, typically on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks.
  • A dry, rough skin aspect in the areas with bumps.
  • Itchy, irritable skin.
  • A worsening when there are seasonal changes, such as summertime, because of low humidity and dry skin.
  • Sandpaper-like bumps resembling goose flesh.

For what about its causes, these skin troubles could be caused by the buildup of keratin — a hard protein that protects skin from harmful substances and infection. The keratin obstructs the opening of hair follicles, inducing patches of rough, bumpy skin.

But today, it's not still clear why keratin becomes Keratosis Pilaris in people. There are internal factors like a genetic disease that could be caused skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. We must say that dry skin tends to make keratosis Pilaris worse. Dark spots can appear when kp skin is exposed to the sun.

The main cause of Keratosis Pilaris, still little known, seems to be a missense mutation involving the LRP1 gene locus on chromosome 12, encoding a protein with receptor functions, involved in endocytosis processes and in embryonic development. The mutated allele has an autosomal recessive inheritance. Kp skin is often associated with lighter skin tone, individuals with weaken immune system such as eczema or asthma. However, it is unclear if these conditions are genetically inherited.

genetic mutation

To summarize what we have said so far, Keratosis Pilaris is an alteration of keratinization, characterized by the formation of keratin plugs that occlude the orifices of the hair follicles.

They have a papular and point-like appearance and are widespread above all at the level of the lateral surfaces of the upper limbs, thighs, and buttocks. The presence of keratotic areas in the face is rarer, more frequently in children.

The lesions occur mainly in the winter period, and generally the disease tends to improve with the approach of summer.

The pathology is in no way dangerous for the affected individual. The problem is above all aesthetic and related to discomfort.

The applicable therapies are few and unsatisfactory. One of the best, as we will see below, is vegan and plant-based skin care. These include moisturizing creams, exfoliating scrub, salicylic petroleum jelly, and lotions buffered with lactic acid and isotretinoin. These are the treatments that are mostly applied. Laser treatments have also been proven to be effective to treat kp.

Vegan skincare for Keratosis Pilaris skin

Keratosis Pilaris is often considered a variant of dry or normal skin. It can't be cured or prevented. You can treat it with moisturizers and prescription creams to help improve the appearance of the skin.

Start looking for natural products that could be the best solution for Keratosis Pilaris skin. Lately, attention is placed more on natural cures and plant-based products are increasingly used when it comes to skincare. This may be linked to an ever-increasing growth in the use of vegan products for one's skincare.

And vegan skincare could be the best for treating Keratosis Pilaris, for many reasons. The former is also linked to ethics: cruelty-free, without ingredients of animal origin, and excellent for skin care. Vegan products for skincare are a consolidated reality today and widely used. They are products made from ingredients that are produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizer, or bioengineering.

glowing skin Hebe Botanica

Another ethical reason could be greater respect for the environment: talking about vegan skin care means, above all, referring to eco-sustainability.

In addition to purely ethical reasons, plant-based products are the best for the respect and general improvement of our skin texture and aspect. For what about Keratosis Pilaris skin, it is vital to do the right skincare. Suitable skincare for your skin type or concerns can end up causing more problems, especially for bumps and dry skin.

And the plant-based products contain completely natural ingredients that perform the important function of reducing inflammation and irritable skin. In the case of Keratosis Pilaris skin, plant-based products represent the best solution to improve inflammation, reduce bumps and dry skin. They improve the appearance of the uneven skin texture and imperfections.

Vegan or plant-based skin care products have many benefits, such as nourishing plant-derived ingredients that offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides the potential to have a lower environmental impact based on production. In fact, many dermatologists are increasingly recommending this type of skincare.

Which ones are plant-based skincare products?

As we said above, the best vegan or plant-based skincare products are those with no animal ingredients and are cruelty-free.

In these products, the ingredients of animal origin are replaced by some plant-based products linked to the vegetable or mineral world. These ingredients can also have synthetic origin because they are created in the laboratory. The best vegan-friendly ingredients for this kind of skin may include:

So vegan skincare, with its plant-based product, works well in reducing itchy and dry skin. But also, to prevent more imperfections and eczema.

For Keratosis Pilaris skin, it is most important to stick to a consistent and correct vegan skincare routine. From cleaning daily to exfoliating from time to time, it is necessary always to apply only hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products. And, above all, do not forget to apply sunscreen.


Hebe Botanica: the right brand for a plant-based Keratosis Pilaris skincare

If you are looking for a brand that can provide you with excellent plant-based Keratosis Pilaris skin care products, Hebe Botanica is the right choice.

Hebe Botanica products are 100% plant-based formulas and are ethically sourced to bring you concentrated products that illuminate your skin while being kind to the planet.

So, cruelty-free, and all-natural vegan products: what better cure for your Keratosis Pilaris problems?

The best sugar scrub: Clarifying Body Scrub from Hebe Botanica

If you are looking for a scrub for Keratosis Pilaris skin, you can choose one of the Hebe Botanica collections. They are all plant-based with 100% natural ingredients inside.

You can choose Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula Extract. This body scrub is helpful to achieve softer skin. Your will have a smoother skin with this gentle sugar body scrub. This scrub has a balanced formula of AHA glycolic acid as well. You can also find Demerara brown sugar is full of rejuvenating minerals crafted to make your skin feel renewed and luxuriously nourished.

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How to use vegan skincare product 

At this point, we must show you how to do a proper vegan Keratosis Pilaris body skincare.

There are some steps to follow, and we will indicate them above:

What to do every day

It is important to follow these steps to prevent and reduce Keratosis Pilaris effects.

  • The first step is cleansing your body every day. On Hebe Botanica website you can find plant-based bath products suitable for Keratosis Pilaris.
  • Remember to take warm baths. Warm baths can help to unclog and loosen pores. You can scrub the skin with a stiff brush so that you can remove the bumps. With the sugar scrub, you can gently massage it on the skin until melted. In addition, it is important to reduce the time spent in the bath since long washing times can remove the body's natural oils.
  • Moisturizer. Even if you have dry skin caused by this disease, moisturizer is important to keep your skin hydrated. You can choose a moisturizer that contains all the natural ingredients mentioned above. Especially lotions with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid or lactic acid can help to hydrate dry skin and encourage cell turnover. Products with glycerin and hyaluronic acids, found in most beauty supply stores, can also soften bumps, while rose water can soothe skin inflammation.
  • To prevent sunlight damage, it is always important to protect your skin. Especially can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight and worse everything. So, it is vital to protect your skin with a broad spectrum, at least SPF 30 sunscreen. You can find many plant-based products with sunscreen like this.
  • Daily exfoliation can help improve the appearance of the Keratosis Pilaris skin. Renewed skin is also radiant skin that is less prone to imperfections. Always choose scrubs with 100% plant-based ingredients. Obviously, you can find the best product in Hebe Botanica scrub


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