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The Benefits of Investing in High Quality, Vegan Skin Care Products

You've heard about vegan burgers and vegan-friendly milk. But have you ever considered vegan skincare products?

Veganism is making waves as people become more and more aware of animal cruelty. The unfortunate reality is that animal cruelty doesn't just affect our food and our clothes, but our powders and lotions, too. But believe it or not, the benefits of vegan skincare extend beyond just maintaining a clean conscience.

Vegan products are better for your skin, are ethically sourced, and may even save you money. Join us as we discuss why you should make all of your skin care products vegan today.

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What Exactly Are Vegan Skin Care Products, Anyway?

If you're new to the concept of veganism, the idea that skin care can be vegan might be a head-scratcher. But it's not as complicated as it seems. Being vegan means abstaining from any animal-derived products, consumed or otherwise.

You might be surprised just how many of your skin care products contain animal-based ingredients. Some ingredients may seem harmless, like honey and bee pollen. But others, like collagen, use ground-up slaughterhouse leftovers to make your anti-wrinkle clean.

Chemical Ingredients

Many skin care products also contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin or body. You might not be so quick to buy a smoothing agent if you knew that it was using formaldehyde! Vegan products try to avoid any non-natural, processed chemicals. 

Ethical Standards

Vegan skin care products also hold themselves to a much higher ethical standard. Animal testing is common to vet many skin care products for human use. Animals may experience rashes, chemical burns, or other damage to make sure your skin care items don't hurt you.

Natural Ingredients

Vegan products, on the other hand, use natural ingredients. They don't need to test these products because the natural components are well understood in the medical community. Plus, we all know that natural things are better than processed ones.

Put simply, if you care about your skin and animal cruelty, you want vegan skin care products. Let's go in-depth on some of the benefits of vegan skin care.

1. Vegan Skin Care Products Treat Your Skin Better

Your skin is one of your most important organs. It's the barrier that protects you from the outside world. As such, the skin needs to stay healthy and strong to make you comfortable and happy.

But to maintain a strong sense of touch, your skin is quite sensitive. This is why it's so easy to break out into a rash or scrape yourself. You wouldn't want your skin to be covered in ugly calluses, though.

You need to take care of your skin, and that starts with the products you use for your routine. Everyone has their own routine for exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing their skin. Where vegan products excel is in being gentler and more restorative.

Use Better Ingredients

Chemicals like parabens and others can dry out skin and hair, leading to itchy skin and damage. But without some form of product, your pores will get clogged and your skin will suffer.

Vegan products use natural ingredients like chamomile and retinol. These products are gentle, make your skin youthful, and reduce itching and rashes.

2. They Protect Your Body

They say you are what you eat. But what they should also say is that you are what your skin absorbs.

To allow your body to sweat and produce natural sebum oil, your skin is porous. This leads to an upside and downside: your skin absorbs much of what it comes into contact with. Good ingredients can make it into your bloodstream and organs, but so can bad ones.

Your Skin Is a Sponge

Unfortunately, evidence has proven that your body can and will pull in harmful chemicals. These chemicals can linger for months or years before your body flushes them out. That in turn can harm your health.

Your skin is less of a barrier against the outside world and more of a filter. Your immune system can handle germs and bacteria, but it can't handle all types of chemicals. Some elements, like lead, can linger in your body for a lifetime and cause devasting effects.

Again, vegan ingredients are all-natural. These are the sorts of natural remedies that humans have been using for thousands of years before processed chemicals. They don't pose a risk to your overall health when absorbed.

3. They Avoid Animal Cruelty

We already talked briefly about animal cruelty, but it's important to hit this point home. Animal cruelty is a scourge on this planet. And it's not just about brutal slaughterhouses and cramped chicken coops.

While animal sentience is a highly debated topic, one thing is clear: they are conscious like us. Animals can feel pain and emotions like fear.

No matter your stance on veganism, it's not up for debate that animals suffer incredible amounts of abuse. Even when we do not slaughter them, we put them through horrific treatment. Something seemingly benign like sheep shearing, puts animals in distress and pain.

Ending All Forms of Animal CrueltyNot Just Food-Related Ones

Vegans recognize that the fight does not end with eating plant-based meat and avoiding milk. Our products need to reduce the suffering of living animals as well.

Thus, it's our duty to animals to avoid incentivizing corporations that harm living animals. The problem is, any company can claim to produce cruelty-free products. Oftentimes these claims are unverifiable since we have no way of knowing how they treat their animals.

The best way to avoid animal suffering is to purchase products that involve no animals whatsoever. Vegan products do just that. Their plant-oriented manufacturing processes create no suffering. 

Plants aren't sentient and don't feel pain. The products gathered from them don't harm the plant or the planet. Plants are sustainable, and we can plant them on repeat forever.

4. Create an Eco-Friendly Future

The sad truth is that our planet is dying. We burn fossil fuels, destroy ecosystems, and endanger natural animal populations.

It may seem like an overwhelming and perhaps impossible task to save the planet. It's a lot of work to volunteer, donate money, and get active in politics. You may not have the time or the energy to help out.

The simplest and easiest way to save the planet is to change your buying habits. You can certainly go for an electric car or buy solar panels. But even easier than that is to buy different skin care.

Why Vegan Skin Care Is the Future

Vegan skincare has a very minimal impact on the environment. First and foremost, they do not involve protracted processing that consumes massive amounts of energy. They use natural methods to extract products and turn them into something beneficial.

Further, vegan products indirectly save the environment. Believe it or not, animals are a heavy burden on our agriculture. They take a lot of feed to keep alive and produce tons of methane in the process.

Using animal products comes with a heavy cost that you don't see when you buy animal products. This indirect damage to the environment grows very heavy when you take into account our entire world's consumption.

The ingredients used in vegan skincare are biodegradable. You could dump them into a landfill, and they would break down naturally. Animals and bacteria can consume them without ill effects.

This means our planet stays habitable and we don't destroy local animal populations. We use plants as sustainable, renewable resources without wasting them on animal feed.

It's a small step on your part. But if everyone buys vegan products, the change would be massive.

5. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Right off the heels of the previous point, we need to talk about the plastic crisis. Thanks to the reckless behavior of governments and corporations, plastic is everywhere. It's even inside of you.

Plastics take a long, long time to degrade. They are compounds that do not occur in nature. This means that they sit in the environment for thousands of years, doing incredible damage in the process.

Before plastic degrades, it breaks down into microplastics. Small animals, such as krill or plankton, consume these microplastics. Then the fish consume the plankton, and the microplastics move up the food chain.

Now we consume microplastics that have made their way into our food. 

environmental friendly cosmetic packaging

How to Solve the Plastic Crisis

None of this would have happened if it weren't for single-use plastics. These include straws, plastic bags for groceries, packaging for electronics, and more. These single-use plastics have a short lifespan before they head to the dump.

And then those plastics make their way into the sea, causing all the problems mentioned above.

The obvious solution is to nip the single-use problem in the bud. We've already seen small strides in this direction, such as Starbucks using paper straws. But that's not enough.

The best and easiest solution for you is sustainable eco-packaging. This is packaging that uses natural products such as wood pulp and wax. This packaging, if dumped into the environment, will biodegrade over time.

Eco-packing means you don't have to put your trust in governments to dispose of waste. You know that in a landfill, the packaging will degrade into natural ingredients. The earth and all her organisms can then recycle this material for new generations.

Avoid False Friends: Identifying the Corporations Jumping on the Eco-Friendly Bandwagon

Now you know why you should invest in high-quality vegan skin care products. It's an easy switch that allows you to avoid animal cruelty, protect the environment, and keep your skin youthful. All you have to do is locate products labeled as vegan-friendly.

Unfortunately, like many things in life, there is a catch. Not all companies hold themselves to the same moral standards as you. They see an economic opportunity in labeling their products as vegan to make money off of you.

To avoid this, you will have to do some research. Some companies use clever loopholes and deceptive phrasing to market themselves as vegan-friendly. But behind closed doors, they are actually hypocrites in that regard.

Do Your Due Diligence

It always pays to do your research before you invest in a vegan brand. Find organizations that only use plant-based products and ethically source their ingredients.

Pay attention to what it says on the back of the bottle, too. Sometimes a brand may have a vegan-friendly stamp, only to say they use animal protein in the ingredients. Learn about common animal-derived ingredients, and then check your preferred brands for them. 

Look for brands that practice what they preach. These brands take part in the fight for fair animal treatment and climate protection. They promote practices like holistic care and recycling.

As the saying goes, vote with your dollars. You may not be able to sway corrupt politicians or greedy businessmen. The next best thing is to put your money towards organizations that walk the walk.

Tell your friends about how vegan skin care products have changed your life. With time, they may begin to purchase the same products, too.

Once enough people are purchasing ethically-sourced products, we might just make a dent in saving the planet. And by saving the planet, we save our animal neighbors, too.

Shop at Hebe Botanica

Vegan skin care products are the key to caring for your skin and living by your values. These products avoid causing suffering to animals and protect the environment. It's a small lifestyle change that can not only make your skin better, but conserve our beautiful mother earth.

Hebe Botanica is making a stand against corporations that harm animals and hurt the environment. Take a look at their catalog and begin your journey in the world of vegan products.

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