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Health Benefits Of Soaking Your Feet Before Bed

As well as feeling blissfully relaxing, there are many health benefits of soaking your feet before bed. Maybe you've heard this idea before, or it's totally new to you. Either way, we are here to tell you why you should prepare a bowl of warm or hot water every evening and then add some essential ingredients to improve your health. 

How to create a DIY spa at home

So what should you add to the water? Sea salt and essential oils are the main ingredients that will lead you to a healthier you. Our Sea Soak Bath has sea salt and pink Himalayan salt to cleanse and nourish your skin, flower extracts to hydrate and support your skin's natural barrier and organic essential oil to help relax your mind, body and soul.

Your mood will be uplifted and you will be in a wonderful frame of mind before falling to sleep. This can help promote positive dreams after falling into a deep sleep. 

Himalayan Sea Soak


Many people who regularly indulge in a foot soak before bed report feeling calm and relaxed with improved sleep patterns. Others feel their blood flow circulation improves while muscle pain, cramps and twitching are reduced. The aches and pains that can come with exercise or age are also eased when your feet are treated to a warm salt and essential oil-infused bath.

Our popular Sea Soak Bath comes in three delightful scents: Himalayan, Rose and Lavender. The 290-gram pot will last you for a long time, even if other family members join in your nightly ritual. Just add 1-2 scoops of the crystals to warm to hot running water (don't exceed 40 degrees) and let them dissolve before putting your feet into the water for 10-15 minutes.

The sea salt, magnesium sulfate, dried petals, lavender extract, rose extract, eucalyptus globulus leaf extract and essential oils will work their magic from the moment you dip your toes in.

Our Sea Soak Bath is affordable so you can indulge in every scent to create your own little spa in your bathroom. Rose Sea Soak has rose petals as part of the pretty packaging is our most popular scent, followed closely by Himalayan and Lavender. After you finish, dry your feet with a soft towel and moisture them with a nourishing oil like the Restorative Omega Body Oil. Put on socks to lock in the moisture that your skin will absorb as you get your beauty sleep.


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Foot bath improves circulation

If you want to slip into a zen state and give your skin a healthy boost that feels dreamy and smells divine, add a foot bath to your nightly beauty routine. This spa-inspired practice will soon become one of your favorite parts of your day.

Foot baths are great for everyone. Children can respond very positively to foot baths, even at a very young age. Why not give your loved one a foot bath as a special treat?

Many men might think their skin care routine finishes with shaving and moisturizing their face, but their feet also need care. While they might show slight resistance to the idea at first, they will soon love the pampering and benefits. For the elderly, a foot bath can be a comforting form of pampering that comes with the added bonus of all the health benefits previously mentioned. 

If you are planning on doing an at-home pedicure or even just clipping your nails, a foot bath can soften the nails as well as skin, making the job much easier. You may want to use an exfoliating body scrub to remove the calluses and dead skin before your foot soak. After you finish, pop your feet back into the water to enjoy the warmth for a little longer. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water as well.

In winter, when it's chilly, a foot bath can help regulate your body temperature. When even the thickest wooly socks don't help and you don't want to blast the heat at home and end up with a huge power bill, just take the wonderful salt bath and feel instantly warmed up. In the way a hearty warm soup can warm your body head to toe, a salt bath can do the same. 

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Foot Soaking could help with insomnia

For people who find it hard to switch off their busy minds late at night or who suffer from insomnia, a foot bath can be highly beneficial. Insomniacs and stressed-out people might have tried many methods, including medication like sleeping pills, meditation, exercise, alcohol and watching movies, before discovering the simple and effective remedy that is a foot bath.

Most people have trouble sleeping at some stage of their life and there are many factors that can cause this disruptive and annoying issue. It could be environmental, stress, temperature, age or pregnancy that makes it hard to fall asleep at night.

Lack of sleep can cause you to feel grumpy during the day and less productive at work. Then it can lead to more serious problems like mental health issues, anxiety and stress, fatigue, weight gain and poor skin health.

Before trying all those other remedies that can be harmful to your health, time-consuming or expensive, run a warm water bath and add a luxurious salt and oil blend. It truly works miracles for so many people on so many levels. Want to sleep like a baby and feel refreshed in the morning? Try a foot soak! 

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Check out our full range of heavenly bath and body products that are cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally friendly. Our products suit all skin types, including sensitive skin, which can have reactions to chemical-based products. All our products have been well-tested and we use natural ingredients to give your skin the thoughtful care it deserves.

You might like Hebe Botanica's Body Glow System, which includes a clarifying sugar body scrub and rich, restorative omega body oil. It's bliss for the body and help you achieve glowing skin with minimal effort.

Our Coconut Soy Candles add the atmosphere to transform your bathroom into a spa-like environment. You can recycle the coconut shell to be used as a container or even a rustic pot planter. Also, these lovely soy candles make great gifts for friends and family who also appreciate fine spa products with a dash of the tropics. 

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