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These tips will help you enjoy clear skin free of backne and buttne

What are bacne and buttne?

You might have heard of or read about them somewhere on social media. The terms indicate acne eruptions on parts of your body ie. back and butt. Yep, it's a thing. Basically anywhere on your body that has hair follicles that could get clogged with oil and dead cell build up has the potential to show these pesky irritating pumps. 

You may notice acne eruptions start when your hormones kick in around puberty. Some are more prone to the condition than others if individuals have oily skin or suffer from hormonal disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Male is commonly experiencing this skin problem more often than female. 

These acnes and bumps can leave scarring and hyperpigmentation long after the inflammation resolves. They can lead to emotional distress depending on the severity.

exfoliating body scrub

What can you do?

The earlier you start treatment, the lower your risk of such problems. 

There are a few things you can do before making an appointment with a dermatologist.

1) Avoid picking the acne

Whatever you do, avoid picking, scratching, and popping the content of the acne bumps since it will spread more bacteria content to the surrounding hair follicles. This can increase scarring and worsen inflammation. 

Picking nearly always lead to pigmentation especially in skin of colors. That is why it's important to break the acne cycle as early as possible. Over the counter creams that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can help alleviate it but it may lead dry skin. 



2) Don't leave your skin damp

The bacteria that causes acne thrives on sweaty skin. Acne isn't related to cleanliness but sweat can aggravate the skin. After a good workout, it's important to remove the damp clothes and shower immediately. Wearing loose clothings can also prevent dampness in acne-prone areas such as back, groin, under the bras and your banana rolls.

3) Swap out your body wash and moisturizer 

If your body wash doesn't contain active ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid) and beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) that help unclog pores and prevent spots then it won't do you any good. 

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin thoroughly in the shower every day is important. 

Certain ingredients such as fragrance, parabens, talc, alcohol, and silicones that are commonly found in shower and skin care products targeted toward acne prone skin can actually aggravate the condition even more. 

You don't have to give up on moisturizer. Avoid using oil-based products that are comedogenic like coconut oil, wheat germ oil. Light, non-comedogenic oils such as Abyssinian oil, Sunflower oil, Rice bran oil and Passionfruit oil that are found in Hebe Botanica Restorative Omega Body Oil can moisturize and soften the skin bumps without clogging the pores and leaving greasy residue. 

4) Use a body scrub before showering

Gentle exfoliation twice a week can reduce the build up in your pores. Choose soft and small exfoliating particles such as brown sugar and jojoba ester beads can avoid rubbing your skin raw and tear with tiny cuts which can increase inflammation. Not cute.

Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula Extract

This body scrub combines chemical exfoliator (Glycolic acid) with physical exfoliator (Demedara sugar) to deliver a double-prong attack on the oil, dead skin and grime that can cause break out. Moisturizing Tamanu seed oil and Cupuacu butter along with calming Calendula extract will nourish the skin with healthy dose of essential fatty acids without clogging the pores. Gently massage to damp skin before showering. 

5) Visit a dermatologist

If you try all of the above and still struggle to get on top of your bacne/buttne cycle then maybe it's time to pay the dermatologist a visit for a full evaluation. Common oral prescription like Spironolactone has anti-androgen effects to block testosterone and excess oil production in female acne sufferers. Isotretinoin, a vitamin A-derived oral medication, suppresses excess oil production, kills acne bacteria and helps shed dead skin.

Occasionally body acnes can be affected by digestive issues, stress and hormonal disorders. After all your skin is the largest organ in the body. It protects internal organs, prevents water loss, regulate body temperature and excrete toxins through sweat. Any abnormal skin conditions could potentially a secondary symptoms of what goes on inside your body. Protect and nourish your skin is just as important as your heart or eyes. 


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