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Epsom Salt Foot Soak: The Key to Making Your Feet Feel Better

Do you know that stress affects 77% of people globally?

There are many negative health effects of stress so learning how to manage it effectively is more important than ever.

Of course, there are many stress management techniques out there, but sometimes you need a quick win. So how can you destress your body and mind without leaving your home? Epsom salt foot soak can be all you need to relax after a long day.

Want to know more? Read the article to find out what Epsom salt foot soak is, how to prepare an Epsom salt foot bath and how to pumper yourself so you can feel the stress melting away! 

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What is Epsom Salt?

Although Epsom salt is called salt, it differs from table salt due to its mineral compound. Epsom salt is a chemical compound of magnesium sulfate and oxygen. While table salt is a chemical compound of sodium and chloride. Contrary to table salt, Epsom salt should not be consumed.

Epsom salt has been used for hundreds of years in medicine to treat minor illnesses. Today, Epsom salt is used in a warm bath, especially in a foot soak. The main reason why you may use Epsom salt is to treat sore muscles and relieve stress.

Epsom salts are available from pharmacies or even local grocery stores. They are not expensive, which makes them a great option to add to your daily self-care routine.

Benefits of Epsom Salts

The primary benefit of Epsom salt is to reduce the tension in muscles and promote relaxation. This happens thanks to the magnesium absorption through the skin. Although more evidence-based research needs to be done, Epsom salt foot bath can help with inflammation, swelling and improve your overall foot health.

Outside of relaxation, Epsom salt foot bath has a lot of other benefits!

1. Reducing Foot Infections

Adding Epsom salt into your foot bath can help with fungal foot infections, such as athlete’s foot. Although the salt does not kill fungus, it draws the moisture out. This helps to soften the skin and prevent the fungus from regrowing.

Epsom salt foot bath can help heal toenail fungal infections by boosting the effects of medication.

But a foot bath can also be a way to eliminate odor. Thanks to the salts, your feet will be clean and free from bacteria that start foot infections in the first place.

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Magnesium has a lot of medical benefits, including reducing inflammation. By adding Epsom salts to your foot soak your body can absorb magnesium and decrease the levels of inflammation. This is particularly important if you suffer from any autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis.

There are also claims that Epsom salt removes toxins from the body. Toxins can be responsible for the pain and aches in your muscles. Soaking your feet can help to reduce discomfort.

3. Exfoliating

Epsom salt has a crystallized form, unlike your table salt. Thanks to the crystals, Epsom salt is perfect for exfoliating. Epsom salt foot bath can help to remove any dead skin, soften the roughness of your feet and make them feel soft.

4. Relaxation

Epsom salt foot soak can truly boost your relaxation. Thanks to the magnesium absorption your muscles relax. It can also improve your blood circulation because the foot soak uses warm water.

Thanks to improved blood circulation, more oxygen and minerals are delivered to your aching muscles, further deepening your relaxation.When you feel relaxed, your energy levels increase. You will have a good night’s sleep and you will manage stress better.

If the above benefits are not convincing enough, think how quick a foot soak is! You may not have the time to exercise or go to a yoga class. But you will definitely have the time to have an Epsom salt foot bath!

How to Make an Epsom Salt Foot Bath

It is very easy to make an Epsom salt foot bath. Follow the below steps to make it at home:

  1. Fill a foot spa or a basin with warm water until your feet are covered up to your ankles. Make sure that the water is warm so the salts can dissolve. Cold water will not provide the best benefits, and hot water will burn your feet.
  2. So, now you may ask how much Epsom salt for a foot soak is needed? The exact amount varies. However, you can add anything from half a cup to three-quarters of a cup. Ensure that you use only good-quality Epsom salts.
  3. To pamper yourself, add other products like essential oils or flower petals. Lavender oil promotes calmness and relaxation, while peppermint oil soothes the skin and adds a scent of freshness. Now your foot soak has the added healing benefits of aromatherapy.
  4. Soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes.
  5. Dry your feet and apply your favorite body lotion or body oil to your feet.

Epsom salt foot baths are easy to prepare, and they have many benefits. But above all, they can leave you feeling relaxed, pain-free, and nourished. Isn’t that a win?


Although Epsom salt foot soak is safe, there could be some potential risks you need to be aware of.

1. Irritation

Epsom salts can cause irritation to your skin. You may experience redness or even soreness. This may occur especially if you had open wounds or sores.

If your skin is dry, it may be prone to cracks. Epsom salt foot soak can dry the skin making it more vulnerable. To prevent your skin from cracking, apply moisturizer after your foot soak.

2. Safety

Generally, Epsom salts are safe to use. All Epsom salts are the same, however, they have different grades. Make sure that the Epsom salt you use is for human use and that it has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is best not to eat Epsom salts. They can have a bitter taste and produce laxative effects. Therefore, consuming the water won’t present a direct danger to your life, but the after-effects can be unpleasant.

 foot soak

3. Health Risks

Epsom salt foot soak is safe for the majority of people. However, if you suffer from heart problems, kidney disease or you are pregnant, it is best to speak to your doctor before using Epsom salt for your feet.

Foot soak may not be advisable for people with diabetes because of the increased risk of infections. Speak with your doctor to make sure that an Epsom salt foot bath is safe for you.

A good idea is to drink water during and after your foot soak to stay hydrated.

Other Foot Soaks

The most popular foot bath is with Epsom salts. However, you may try other soaks. The effectiveness may vary because there is not enough evidence-based research, but you may still enjoy them.

You may want to add olive oil or coconut oil into your foot soak. Olive oil helps with skin dryness and softens the skin thanks to the active antioxidants. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Adding baking soda into your foot soak will help to remove any dead skin and exfoliate your feet. It will also help with foot odor or fungal infections.

To enhance your experience further you may want to exfoliate your full body. So, how to use an exfoliating body scrub? It’s super easy!

Apply the body scrub to your entire body. Gently massage it in circular motions, starting at your feet and moving up towards your head. The motions help to remove the dead skin cells and improve your circulation.

body exfoliating scrub

Rinse thoroughly and apply a moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin. Now you truly can feel relaxed and looked after.

Start Planning for Epsom Salt Foot Bath 

There may not be that much research done on using Epsom salt for your foot soak, but there are many benefits.

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate. Magnesium helps with muscle relaxation and the reduction of inflammation. Your Epsom salt foot soak can also help eliminate foot infections, decrease pain and aches, and exfoliate dead skin.

Making an Epsom salt foot bath is easy, and you can make it at home. Apart from the salts, you can pamper yourself by adding essential oils or flower petals. So, are you ready to melt your stress away?

Browse through our vegan and cruelty-free luxurious range today so you have all the essentials for your next Epsom salt foot soak!



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