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Abyssinian Oil - What It Is and Why Your Skin Needs It

Your skin and Old Man Winter have been at odds for as long as you can remember, and frankly, you're sick of it.

You're not the only person in this toxic relationship, either. Research shows that 75% of people struggle with dry skin during the winter months.

Fortunately, you can improve your skin's health with the help of Abyssinian oil.

Here's a rundown on how applying Abyssinian oil to your skin can help you to combat skin tightness and itchiness this winter season.

Let's jump in!

How Abyssinian Oil Works

This oil comes from a multibranched oilseed plant called Crambe abyssinica. This eastern-African plant grows every year and originates in Abyssinia, the highlands area of Ethiopia. However, the plant has also recently been cultivated in the southern part of Europe, and it's also big in South Africa.

With a growing cycle spanning just 90-100 days, this plant does not need much water compared with other plants. For this reason, this plant is environmentally friendly to produce.

The oil derived from this plant stands out for being chemically close to the oil that your skin naturally produces. The plant's oil is pale yellow and features a pleasant, mild woody odor.

How the Oil Is Created

Creating Abyssinian oil involves pressing Crambe abyssinica seeds and then extracting the oil via a crushing process. A mechanical process is used to ensure a safe oil extraction process -- one that does not damage the oil's beneficial properties.

Where This Oil Can Be Found

You can find Abyssinian oil in skin care products light creams and serums, as this oil is quickly absorbed. This oil is also commonly used in do-it-yourself makeup recipes and even lip balms.

You'll also find Abyssinian oil in cleansers and routine moisturizers, as well as hair care products. That's because this oil can help damaged or dry hair that struggles with frizz and breakage (more on this later).

Makes Your Skin Healthier

One of the top reasons why your skin needs Abyssinian oil is because it is filled with nutrients that can improve your skin's health.

For instance, the oil contains a range of vitamins, including vitamins E, C, B6, B2, B1, and A. It is also rich in minerals, proteins, and antioxidants that promote skin health.

Vitamin-Rich Content

Vitamin A remains one of today's most popular ingredients in skin care products. Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, can especially help to limit wrinkles (more on this later). It may also speed up your skin's ability to heal and repair itself.

Vitamin C is another noteworthy vitamin in Abyssinian oil. This antioxidant plays a key role in generating collagen in the skin. Collagen is a protein in the skin that helps to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.

You'll also love the fact that Abyssinian oil features vitamin E. That's because this antioxidant does a great job of limiting ultraviolet sun damage and healing sunburned skin.

Vitamin B additionally helps the skin by providing stress relief and cell renewal benefits.

Fatty Acid Benefits

This type of oil furthermore contains linolenic acid. This type of omega fatty acid helps your skin to maintain its nutrients, conditions the skin, offers anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes cell communication.

Simply put, applying Abyssinian oil to your skin is a lot like giving your skin a multivitamin each day.

Moisturizes the Skin

Your skin also needs skin-improving products containing Abyssinian oil because this oil contains exceptional moisturizing properties.

This oil is a natural way to nourish dehydrated, dry skin as well as protect your skin against the loss of moisture. This is especially vital during the cold, dry months.

By helping your skin to retain moisture and avoid drying out, Abyssinian oil can keep your skin glowing year-round.

The oil also features high amounts of an acid called erucic acid. This acid helps other natural ingredients to penetrate your skin. For this reason, Abyssinian oil is great to pair with other skin care products to increase their effectiveness.

Provides a Healthy Barrier for Your Skin

Another reason why Abyssinian oil is a must-have for your skin is that it serves as a skin barrier.

The oil does this by replenishing hydration and protecting against all skin stressors. This will help to prevent your skin from suffering from redness, blemishes, and irritation.

Softens, Soothes and Calms the Skin

Tired of struggling with rough skin? Abyssinian oil will make your skin easier to caress than ever by softening your skin, making it more supple.

The oil's fatty acids help to smooth the skin and improve its plumpness. This will give you a youthful, healthy complexion.

You may also find Abyssinian oil helpful for soothing and calming your skin if it's sensitive, irritated, and red.

Minimizes Signs of Aging

Interested in turning back the hands of time? Abyssinian oil can do this for you, too, thanks to its anti-aging qualities.

The oil's moisturizing and nourishing benefits help to decrease fine lines. As a result, your skin will look more vibrant and dewy in the years ahead.


One of the main benefits of Abyssinian oil is that it is not greasy, sticky, or tacky. As a result, it offers moisture without over-hydrating or clogging your pores.

This makes Abyssinian oil an excellent option if your skin is oily and susceptible to blemishes and acne yet you want to experience a facial oil's benefits. This lightweight oil will instantly balance the oiliest of skins. It will also absorb other types of oils on your skin that can harm your skin and lead to breakouts.

Works Consistently

What's great about Abyssinian oil is that it is consistently effective.

That's because this oil resists oxidation. As a result, the chemical compounds in the formula won't change after you open the oil bottle and expose the oil to the air.

Enhances the Scalp

If you're interested in further enhancing your appearance, consider using Abyssinian oil for hair as well. Abyssinian oil will benefit your scalp by keeping it healthy when you use it as an oil treatment before you shampoo your hair.

Because the oil features fatty acids, you can expect your hair to stay hydrated, conditioned, and nourished when you apply the oil to it. This oil is known to repair hair damage and keep hair from thinning.

No Harmful Chemicals

What's especially great about Abyssinian oil is that it is all natural. There's no need to be concerned about this oil containing harmful chemicals.

On the contrary, some shampoos and other hair care products in the store contain chemicals that your scalp can absorb. These chemicals can unfortunately get into the body and cause health issues.

Such chemicals include, for example, parabens and triclosan. Parabens can cause problems like psychological disruptions, infertility, and endocrine issues. In addition, triclosan can cause reproductive issues as well as impact a person's cardiovascular function and immune response.

body massage oil

Anti-Fungal Benefits

You might have never thought about your scalp having fungal issues, but fungus can pose a real threat to your scalp health.

Perhaps you struggle with a flaky scalp. Rather than using a dandruff shampoo, consider using Abyssinian oil to heal and protect the scalp. This type of oil will increase your scalp's overall health, therefore eliminating those pesky flakes long term.

Everyday Use Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, Abyssinian oil features a lightweight formula. As a result, you can easily use it every day on your hair.

Abyssinian oil creates glossiness and shine without making your hair susceptible to damage. This damage can happen when heavy oils force your hair follicles open, which may lead to moisture loss as well as greasy, heavy hair.

So, consider incorporating Abyssinian oil into your daily hair care routine to nourish your locks while also allowing your crown to breathe.

To use the oil as a scalp treatment, simply massage it onto the scalp, then wrap your locks in a towel or shower cap. Leave the oil on your hair for half an hour. Then, shampoo the oil out.

How We Can Help

Abyssinian oil is a nongreasy and lightweight solution for making your skin more comfortable during the cold months. By soothing, softening, and moisturizing skin, this type of oil can help you to love the skin you're in more than ever.

At Hebe Botanica, we take pride in offering high-quality skin care products featuring Abyssinian oil and other natural, skin-enhancing ingredients. Get in touch with us to learn more about our oils, body scrubs, and other products.


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