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11 Reasons to Use a Vegan Exfoliating Scrub

Both vegan and cruelty-free products have grown in popularity in recent years. Things like animal testing and the chemicals used in beauty products have become more of a concern to consumers. 

One such type of product you may find in vegan skincare stores is an exfoliating scrub. Exfoliating products are common to find, but they're often formulated for general use. Some skin products focus on cleaning oil and dirt off of your skin rather than improving it. 

Here are 11 reasons to add a vegan exfoliating scrub to your skin care routine. 

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1. Slows Aging

There are many different types of skin products that claim to help slow or even reverse the aging process. They promise to help you achieve youthful, glowing skin without wrinkles or spots. Some work by tightening the skin, while others provide nourishment. 

An exfoliating scrub can help slow the aging process in a few different ways.

First of all, utilizing a scrub helps to remove excess, dead skin. This dead skin can make your skin look greasy and lifeless if left alone. The scrub gently removes the top layer of your skin without causing any damage or irritation. 

Second, removing dead skin on your body makes it look and feel much smoother. That's why exfoliants are often advertised as good for dry skin. It's not so much that they're rejuvenating dry skin like a lotion, but rather removing dry, dead skin and letting the healthier new skin show. 

Finally, many vegan skin products come with nourishing essential oils and ingredients that help improve how your skin looks and feels. Ingredients such as argan oil help protect the skin's outer barrier as well as regulate the amount of sebum produced by your pores. 

2. Soothing Essential Oils

Many vegan self-care products involve the use of essential oils and extracts. These ingredients not only make these products smell good, but they can have all kinds of positive effects on your skin. 

For example, safflower oil is a lightweight ingredient that helps to moisturize your skin and improve its overall health. It helps your skin retain water, similar to a moisturizer. However, it has a comedogenic rating of 0, which means that it's very unlikely to cause acne or blocked pores. 

If you're a fan of essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, you can also find a vegan exfoliating scrub that fits your needs. Lavender is one of the more common scents, but you can also find products that contain patchouli, amber, and sandalwood. 

Depending on what ingredients are used, the different types of skin products can either relax you or energize you for the day.

3. Helps Lighten Scars

Unfortunately, no product on Earth can completely eliminate the presence of a scar. However, an exfoliating scrub is one way to lighten them up and help your skin feel smooth and new. 

A scar is your body's way of sealing up a wound with collagen. This collagen build-up strengthens the area to prevent it from re-opening. It'll lighten up over time due to your body continually replacing your skin as it dies and sheds, but that could take years. 

Using an exfoliating scrub is one way to speed up this process by gently removing that outer layer of skin. You'll notice this much more in areas where scars are present. While a scrub may not help as much with raised scar tissue, it can definitely help even out your skin and minimize a scar's appearance. 

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4. Clears Out Your Pores

Any skincare expert knows the importance of clearing out your pores. These pores are essential for gases and liquids to move through your skin, but they can also get clogged and infected if left unchecked. 

One of the more aggressive ways to unclog your pores is with pore strips. However, these can easily irritate your skin and are primarily used for your face. 

An exfoliating scrub is what you want to use for the rest of your body to clear out your pores. Instead of gripping onto these pores and ripping them open like a strip, exfoliating scrubs allow you to gently remove the top layer of your skin. This often leads to unblocking pores and letting your skin breathe better. 

Some scrubs instruct you to leave them on your skin for a few minutes before washing them off. This is so they can both moisturize your skin as well as let the oils attach to your pores. When you wash it away, they pull out any unwanted oils and gunk. 

5. Enhances Other Beauty Products

One reason an exfoliant is often placed into a person's beauty routine is that it can actually help their other products work better.

The exfoliating scrub helps to set the stage for your other products. It cleans off all the dead surface-level skin, which means your healthy skin will get in direct contact with your lotions and creams. Since it can also clear out your pores, that means your skin can better absorb any moisturizing ingredients. 

In addition, vegan exfoliating products often come with their own set of moisturizing benefits. You'll end up with much better results when you pair them with your other products.

However, you'll need to make sure not that overuse your scrub. Using an exfoliant too often can strip away healthy skin, as well. You're safe to use it up to a few times a week. 

6. No Harsh Chemicals

A problem you'll find with a lot of cheap body washes and scrubs is that they often use harsh cleansers to get the job done.

Even though a scrub is meant to clear away any dead skin using an exfoliant, they'll often double it up with something like sodium laureth sulfate to get you extra clean. You may then mistakenly use a dedicated cleanser after you've just used a chemical exfoliant. 

The result is that you're using too many surfactants that can damage your skin. In addition, many cheaper products use undisclosed fragrances that can irritate your airways or preservatives that can cause negative interactions with your body. 

Always make sure to look at what's inside your body wash and other beauty products before you put them on your skin. 

7. All Natural Ingredients

The ingredients you do see in vegan products are often natural and not harsh on your skin at all. For example, Hebe Botanica clarifying body scrubs include shea butter, flower extracts, coconut oil, and cannabis sativa seed oil. 

The big difference between these products and most store-brand ones is how much of these ingredients is used. A store-brand product may market itself as having natural ingredients but only include the smallest amounts of these oils and extracts. 

In comparison, a vegan body scrub will have them in higher amounts so that they have more of an impact on your skin. 

8. Sustainable Packaging

One little-known benefit of using vegan products is that they often come in sustainable packaging. Most companies that create these types of products care about the environment just as much as they care about your health.

As such, they'll use things like glass jars and recyclable delivery packaging to lessen their impact on the environment. The natural ingredients they use are also safe to use outside or while you're on the road. 

9. Boosts Circulation

Exfoliating products do more than just help your skin look better. Using something like a body scrub can also help boost your body's blood circulation and blood flow to your skin.

Unlike other beauty products, you don't just lather up an exfoliant onto your body and wash it off. It often involves massaging the product into your skin so that it penetrates as deep as possible. This action simultaneously promotes better blood circulation. 

10. Reduces Skin Problems

Exfoliating your skin a few times a week is a great way to help reduce skin problems such as acne and eczema. By clearing out your pores and dead skin, you allow your healthy skin to absorb any other beauty products you may use. You can also speed up the healing process and reduce the appearance of scars. 

Keep in mind that not all body scrubs are made the same. Some have ingredients that help combat things like dry or sensitive skin. Others are meant to provide a deeper cleanse. 

Make sure to pick the best scrub for your body's needs

11. No Animals Harmed

Most importantly, vegan skin care products are made without any kind of animal testing or animal cruelty. Brands that prioritize all-natural ingredients also care about the environment and that animals aren't exposed to toxic chemicals. 

If you want to know for certain that a brand doesn't do animal testing, you can look up their information on websites such as PETA or Ethical Elephant. 

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Try Out a Vegan Exfoliating Scrub Today

If you already have experience with body scrubs, then you know what kind of benefits they bring for both your skin and your body. Utilizing a vegan exfoliating scrub is the next step in terms of self care. Not only are the natural ingredients better for your skin but they're often made by a business that cares about both you and the environment. 

Hebe Botanica has the all-natural holistic skincare products you've been looking for. Our body and bath products include a clarifying body scrub, restorative body oil, and more. Check out our stock online and contact us with any questions. 


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