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10 Vegan Skin Care Products You Need to Know About

Are you happy with your skin? If you hesitate while considering this question, the answer might be no. A recent UK survey showed that 47% of those surveyed felt anxious about their skin's appearance. 

Their top concerns are wrinkles, acne, and undereye circles. Could vegan skin care products be the solution? 

Keep reading if you've considered adding new products to your skincare routine. We'll discover ten exciting vegan products that can take your skin's appearance from drab to fab in a beautiful and sustainable way. 

Why Choose Vegan Skin Care Products?

Even if you don't follow a vegan diet, adding vegan skincare products to your routine has far-reaching benefits. The following are a few reasons why Google searches for vegan products have increased by nearly 50%. 


Environmental protection is one of the main components of sustainability. When it comes to skincare products, environmental protection includes using recyclable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients. 


Hebe Botanica is proud to be cruelty-free. Our products don't contain animal ingredients and are never tested on animals. As a vegan, you can feel confident that our skincare products won't compromise your choices. 

Fewer Allergens and Irritants

Our skin is our body's largest organ, and taking care of it is vital. Chemical ingredients can cause allergies and irritation. By sticking with the plant-based ingredients in vegan skincare, you reduce the chances of harming your skin.

No Unnecessary Ingredients 

Many skin care brands use ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and petroleum. Not only can these be harmful to your skin, but they're also harmful to the environment. Plant-based ingredients are always a good choice for your skin. 

Great for All Types of Skin

Whether your skin is dry, prone to breakouts, or sensitive, using vegan products often means you don't have to limit yourself to products labeled for your type of skin. Most vegan skincare products are suitable for everyone.

Add These Vegan Products to Your Skincare Routine

You have more vegan skincare choices than ever. To make it easy, we've created a list of ten of our favorite spa-worthy products you'll be pleased to add to your shelf. 

1. Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Using disposable wipes and single-use cotton pads to remove your makeup can be wasteful. This is especially true if you tend to need more than one. Making the switch to reusable bamboo pads is an easy way to reduce waste and give your skin a healthy break. 

Our makeup remover pads are crafted with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. They're machine washable, and we'll even include a handy mesh laundry bag. The bag makes washing your makeup remover pads a breeze. 

Many people also use these pads in place of a face cloth for cleansing. Since they're smaller, they're easier to use around your eyes and other delicate areas. 

You can also use the pads for applying toner, catching makeup slips, or any other situation that calls for a clean, absorbent pad. You may never use disposable pads again. 

2. French Riviera Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula 

If there's any product that makes you feel like you're at a spa, it's body scrub. Our body scrub sloughs away dull cells and reveals beautiful, glowing skin. 

We use nothing but natural ingredients in our body scrub. Safflower and coconut oils help moisturize, while brown sugar gently exfoliates. We also use AHA glycolic acid to help with ingrown hairs and body acne, and calendula helps soothe irritated skin. 

But we can't forget about the scent! The clouds of rich aromas are the best thing about body scrubs. We use only natural oils to create the scent combinations in our body scrubs. 

Our French Riviera Body Scrub features notes of lavender, Lily of the Valley, and citrus to make you feel as if you're lying on a beach in the South of France. 

3. Sea Soak 

Soaking in a richly scented bath is a beautiful way to relax. Our vegan Sea Soak combines natural salts with essential oils to nourish your skin and take your cares away. 

Choose from lavender, rose, or Himalayan scents, and sprinkle as much as you'd like into a warm bath. You'll emerge relaxed and refreshed with glowing, softly scented skin. 

If you don't have time for a bath, using these salts as a foot soak is another way to reap the benefits. Fill your foot bath or basin with warm water and add a few salt crystals. Do this while journaling, reading, or relaxing; your feet will feel soft, smooth, and refreshed. 

Our customers rave about our Sea Soak, and we think you will too. 

5. Restorative Omega Body Oil 

One of our most popular vegan products is our Restorative Omega Body Oil. Perfect for stretch marks, scars, and dry skin, this body oil packs a healthy punch. It leaves your skin soft, glowing and refreshed. 

Five Omega fatty acids shower your skin with moisture. Rosehip oil helps reduce the appearance of scars. Passionfruit and macadamia seed oils bring anti-aging nourishment. 

Use this oil on wet skin to help restore and protect your skin's natural moisture barrier. Or, if you prefer, use our Restorative Omega Body Oil as a spot treatment for skin imperfections. Either way, its rich feel, and clean scent will make this oil one of your new favorite vegan skincare products. 

Our Restorative Omega Body Oil also serves as an excellent massage oil. The benefits of massage include relieving stress, loosening tense muscles, and better sleep. When you use our body oil for massage, you'll also reap the benefits of healthy skin. 

6. The Body Glow System Bundle 

When you bundle your favorite skin care, you're being kind to the planet and your wallet. Combining products uses fewer resources during shipping so that you can feel confident about your shopping decision. 

The Body Glow System Bundle combines our popular Clarifying Body Scrub with the Restorative Omega Body Oil. On their own, each product treats your skin with TLC. Together, they're unbeatable. 

Use the scrub first to smooth and polish your skin. Follow with our body oil to retain your skin's moisture and leave your skin velvety soft. 

Choose from four body scrub scents, including Nordic Sea, French Riviera, Autumn Fest, and Patchouli Amber Spice. 

7. Patchouli Amber Spice Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula

The Patchouli Amber Spice edition is another luxurious way to pamper your skin with the same vegan and cruelty-free ingredients as our French Riviera body scrub. 

Humans have used patchouli oil for centuries to treat inflammation and skin rashes and relieve stress. Its earthy scent is both invigorating and relaxing.

Amber oil is prevalent in natural perfumes and may contain healing properties. Amber oil can reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. It has similar properties to other tree saps and oils like Indian frankincense. 

For added exfoliation, apply this scrub to dry skin. Massage the scrub gently into your skin, then rinse in the shower. Follow with our Restorative Omega Body Oil.

8. Autumn Fest Clarifying Body Scrub with Calendula

Now is the season to enjoy spicy fall scents, and our Autumn Fest body scrub is the perfect companion to a warm bath on a chilly day. This version of our body scrub contains the same exfoliants and nutrients as our others, but with the addition of notes of spice from three essential oils. 

Cinnamon oil has the potential to soothe dry skin and calm acne flare-ups. Nutmeg oil has calming properties and promotes relaxation and sleep. Lastly, cardamon oil is known to soothe and heal irritated skin. 

The components of our Autumn Fest body scrub are perfect for relieving keratosis pilaris, also called strawberry skin. The vegan ingredients and natural exfoliants help reduce the appearance of rough skin and ease redness. 

9. Coconut Soy Candle

Can a candle be considered skin care? Absolutely! When we're under stress, our bodies produce cortisol. Cortisol can result in excess skin oil, which causes breakouts. 

Taking the time to relax and light a candle can help you de-stress, which is lovely for your skin. Add a bath with our Sea Soak crystals, and you'll find yourself relaxed in no time.

Plus, we craft our candle with soy wax, so it doesn't contain harmful chemicals. Other candles release chemicals into the air when they burn, creating irritants in your space. Our candle also features a natural wooden wick.

We pour our candles into coconut shells. These candles blend seamlessly with your decor and can easily be recycled. Choose from three delightful scents. 

  • Rose Garden contains rose, vanilla, violet, and citrus notes 
  • Hera Potion contains vanilla, sandalwood, pepper, and cardamon notes
  • Orchard Breeze contains citrus, lily, jasmine, and rose notes

10. Nordic Sea Body Scrub with Calendula

Our Nordic Sea Body Scrub with Calendula is an excellent choice if you prefer bolder scents. Our brown sugar and AHA glycolic acid formula gently exfoliates your skin while leaving behind notes of citrus, lavender, amber, and spicy berry. 

Citrus oils include lemon, orange, and bergamot. These scents are refreshing, and citrus oils may also help reduce stress and boost your mood. 

Spicy berry often refers to juniper and allspice. Juniper has a sharp yet pleasant pine scent. Allspice is a bit more peppery and brings a nice earthiness. 

Try using this vegan body scrub in the morning to gain alertness and focus, so you're ready to take on the day. Follow with our Restorative Omega Body Oil.

Try Our Gorgeous Cotton Robe

One of the best things about going to the spa is the robe. When you're swaddled in a fluffy robe, you can't help but feel pampered, so why not bring that feeling home?

Our waffle-weave robe is made from 100% cotton and woven in a terry style for ultimate fluffiness. The robe features two front pockets for essentials and a sash tie closure. 

Plus, wearing a robe after you moisturize your skin with our Restorative Omega Body Oil helps the product work better. When you wear the robe, you're also warming your skin, helping the oil penetrate your skin for long-lasting softness. 

When machine washing your robe, try this hack. Cut the amount of detergent in half and add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Your robe will be fluffy and soft after every wash.

Subscribe and Save 

For your convenience and to help you save money, we offer subscription services for your favorite products. Subscriptions give you to chance to choose how often you want to receive a product to guarantee that you always have enough. Currently, our subscription schedule offers delivery every month or every two months.

Our body scrubs, body oil, or bundles of the two will arrive at your door on schedule. You can pause or cancel at any time, but extras make fabulous gifts. 

Don't Miss Our Black Friday Sale

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Additionally, we reveal new product information to our email subscribers, so opt-in and always stay in the know. 

Don't forget about our gift cards! They're available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100, so you can give the gift of sustainable skin care any time of the year. 

Use Hebe Botanica for All Your Vegan Skincare Needs

At Hebe Botanica, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high-quality vegan skin care products. Each of our products is carefully formulated to deliver beautiful results in a sustainable way. 

Click here to browse our entire collection and read the glowing reviews from our customers. Vegan skin care has never looked so good. 

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